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Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.

Multiple Sclerosis Patient Gets Life Back From Adult Stem Cells

Another multiple sclerosis (MS)patient from Canada is reporting improvements after adult stem cell treatment from Dr. Shimon Slavin in Israel.  Brent Davidson, from Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, says the adult stem cells which improved his quality of life "wasn’t cheap, but it was worth every penny.” 

Canadian MS Patients Must Leave Canada For Treatment

Davidson followed in the footsteps of fellow Canadians and multiple sclerosis patients  Louis Zylstra and Arndt Roehlig, who went to Dr. Slavin for the stem cell therapy using their own stem cells. 

Multiple Sclerosis Patient Improves From Stem Cell Implantation

Before the stem cells:
  • reduced cognitive functions
  • needed a cane to walk
  • daily fatigue and pain
After the stem cells were implanted:
  • Cognitive functions returned
  • No cane needed, now Davidson is running and playing tennis!
  • Davidson says "5% of the pain" there was before the treatment
From the stem cell news story:

“Five CC’s of clear liquid, which happened to be 49 million of my cleaned cells, were infused into my lower spine,” he said, adding the result was dramatic.

“My body went into a state of delirium, a sort of coma,” he said. “I didn’t know my wife and I forgot my children’s names.”

But that was temporary, and five days later he was released from the hospital, and six weeks after that his balance began to return and now he no longer needs a cane to walk. He’s able to run, ride his bike, and play tennis. Even his cognitive functions have returned.

“I have about five per cent of the pain I had before,” he said. “Every day there’s some improvement.”

Davidson added his doctors here are impressed.

Though stem cell research in Canada is progressing, the procedure is not readily available. The price tag for Davidson’s entire medical procedure was about $30,000 USD, not including travel and accommodation costs.

“It wasn’t cheap, but it was worth every penny,” he said.

Another Cochrane resident and MS patient travelled to a clinic in Germany for a similar procedure.

Kim Johnson’s results have not been as dramatic as Davidson’s, though her eyesight has improved and she does have more mobility.

“I’m so glad I did it,” she said. “Things are coming, but I’d hoped it would have been faster.”

Hoping Stem Cell Treatment Will Come To Canada Faster

Well, I wouldn't have to publicize Canadians MS patients going abroad if adult stem cell treatment was available in Canada. Unfortunately, this safe treatment is not. Therefore, Canadians must travel abroad and pay money out of their own pocket for treatment that actually helps them. I guess that "free" Canadian health care isn't so great if you actually have to use it.
Posted: 2/18/2010 1:06:38 AM by Don Margolis | with 0 comments

Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.

Repair Stem Cell Institute Helps MS Patient Find Treatment

Lindsay Butti, a multiple sclerosis patient is now receiving treatment using her own adult stem cells in Athens, Greece.  Lindsay, who contacted the Repair Stem Cell Institute for treatment information to begin the whole stem cell process, is documenting everything at her "Bindsanator" blog.   Lindsay states that she wants to "to publicize this procedure, regardless of my results, and offer an alternative to the endless medication, futility and heartbreak of MS." 

No Stem Cell Treatments In Canada - Canadians Must Go Overseas

Lindsay contacted the Repair Stem Cell Institute after reading about Arndt Roehlig, who followed in the footsteps of pro golfer Louise Zylstra, both Canadians who received stem cell treatment from the Repair Stem Cell Institute's Dr.Shimon Slavin, a stem cell research doctor.  Lindsay is a Canadian living in London so she didn't have to travel so far for the treatment that takes place in Israel and Athens, Greece.

Lindsay has set up "before treatment" benchmarks for her stem cell treatment so it will be easy for everybody to follow her progress after the therapy.  Remember, these are before treatment symptoms, Lindsay is getting this stem cell treatment right now (January 16th, 2010)  in Athens.

Benchmarks- Before Adult Stem Cells Implanted

Hearing – my right ear is normal, my left ear is not – I had a copy of my hearing tests somewhere, but they are not handy. Basically, I can hear quietly low frequency sounds (i.e. bass tones) ok but not high frequencies. And constant tinnitus – it is mild, sounds like constant radio static, often cracks and pops. It is not a bad as others may have it, like jets screaming overhead. Now, this happened in 2002, before anything was “wrong” with me, the doctors attributed it to Sudden Deafness Syndrome (SDS). No, because I was soon after diagnosed with MS, I am not so sure. It is an infrequent first sign of MS, but this SDS is so rare that I think it may be attributable to MS.

Eyesight –
This is bad in both eyes – peripheral vision in both eyes is fuzzy – it is worse in right eye, but bad in both. Sort of like looking through frosted glass. Distance eyesight is blurry and inaccurate. I cannot read a street sign from across the road, but from 1 or 2 metre away I can read it. I can get to about line 3 on the vision chart. I cannot watch movies with subtitles anymore. I am by no means blind but it is quite bad.

Balance –
standing on left foot, about 10-15 seconds. On right foot, about 3-5 seconds. My right 3 last toes, they have little feeling and can cross each other. I call my right foot “the clubfoot”, it has foot drop and can drag a lot. After about 10-15 minutes of walking, this gets really bad. All of my right shoes are scuffed up. If you have foot drop, you know how this is. I cannot wear any sort of heel (damn). I cannot walk one fort over the other for more than 2 paces.

Lindsay lists more benchmarks at her blog (see below) , including her goal of getting off her multiple sclerosis medications.   

Lindsay Butti - The Bindsanator

For more information about Lindsay Butti, MS patient receiving stem cell therapy with Dr. Shimon Slavin, please go visit her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Blog. Lindsay says "this blog is to give others, especially MS sufferers, a play-by-play of my trying out a revolutionary stem cell treatment for this disability. It is not "proven" but has the potential to give us all a second chance. I will update as the whole journey progresses."

Also, you can visit the Repair Stem Cell Institute for more research and treatment information

Lindsay, I sincerely thank you for all your support. You are a brave woman and I hope the adult stem cells work their magic on you. Lindsay is going to be updating her blog with her progress- good or bad, so keep going there for her updates so you can do your own stem cell research for multiple sclerosis (MS). 
Posted: 1/18/2010 8:07:03 AM by Don Margolis | with 0 comments

Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.

Multiple Sclerosis Patient Helped By His Own Adult Stem Cells

George Trajkovski, a multiple sclerosis patient who received his own adult stem cells is dancing again thanks to the benefits received from the treatment.  George started out seeking therapy by contacting the Repair Stem Cell Institute who put him in contact with Dr. Fernandez Vina, a member of the Repair Stem Cell Institute and I'll let George's wife take it from here:

Dear Mr. Margolis,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My name is Angelina Trajkovski, the wife of George Trajkovski, and I want to express my gratitude for making it possible for us to realize the dream of getting my husband better and on his way to recovery from Multiple Sclerosis. I don't think I can find words that will in any way describe what we feel this moment after having done the procedure this past Saturday. Many kids went trick or treating for Halloween, however, our 11 year old daughter, Tijana, got the treat of a lifetime, her father getting stem cells so he can play ball with her. Dr. Vina, his medical team and the staff at the clinic were phenomenal. Their compassion and humility, professionalism and expertise, made this experience something we have not seen before. From the moment we met them to the moment they left the hotel room after they checked on George for the last time, we felt confident in the choice we made. After two years of extensive research on stem cells, I came across your website and I have not looked back. Don Alvarez's blog about his mom finalized my decision to contact you and have Dr. Vina perform the procedure.

We are home now and George is feeling very good. We will keep you posted on his progress. We cannot forget Walter Trotter. His communication ability made the whole process easy and the answers to our questions came in no time. Thank you, Walter. Also, Mr. Gilberto Vasquez had everything ready for us. We could not have asked for a better stay during this time. The staff at the Sheraton Hotel was accommodating and helpful in assisting my husband who needed a wheelchair to get around.

For the past ten years, every doctor in the US told us that there is nothing they can do except keep on taking the medications each one of them favored (Beta-Seron, Rebif, Avonex, Copaxone). I come from Europe and always have had a different outlook, so I never stopped asking about new procedures and stem cells. When I realized that in the United States the pharmaceutical and insurance companies write the answers for the doctors to give to their patients, I started my own mission to find a cure or something very close to it somewhere in the world to help my husband. I hope that one day other patients will understand adult stem cells and the potential they have to help. Both my husband and I have made it our obligation to give other people the information and hope they make the right choice like we did.

Thank you again for your outstanding work,

Angelina, George, and Tijana Trajkovski

And later I received a very special New Year's gift in the form of another email from the Trajkovskis: 

January 1, 2010

Dearest Mr. Margolis,
George, Tijana and I want to wish you and your family a Happy New Year! May your days this year and always be filled with joy, health, love, happiness and unlimited success.
What can I say? I got my first dance in three years with George on New Year's Eve. Thank you.
As Dr. Vina said, we should start seeing progress in 30 to 45 days. Well, on the 30th day, George got up and walked 15 steps without his walker. Our daughter made him walk back to his chair because she could not believe what she was seeing.
It has been 60 days since his treatment in El Salvador and he is showing significant progress. He is walking without a walker around the house, the fatigue is completely gone, his speech and eyesight are perfectly normal. The pinky on his right hand is starting to work again; it had been suffering from atrophy. He dresses himself, bathes himself, and other daily activities such as daily hygiene, eating, writing, talking on the phone and so on. Climbing stairs is becoming easier with each therapy session. His physical and occupational therapists are amazed with his progress. All this was impossible before the treatment.
Thank you again,
Angelina Trajkovski

Posted: 1/16/2010 1:30:25 AM by Don Margolis | with 0 comments

Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.

Stem Cell Research Leads To Treatment For MS

A 46 year old woman is reporting amazing improvements in her multiple sclerosis (MS) after receiving adult stem cell treatment.  Kang Sook Park, who has had MS for more than 20 years is the latest multiple sclerosis patient to improve her quality of life following research that led to the therapy using only adult stem cells.

Before stem cell treatment For Multiple Sclerosis:

  1. Vision Loss- optic neuritis,  vision blurry, lost abiltiy to read
  2. Loss of  motion and feelings in legs and arms- 
  3. Depression - like many MS patients, the loss of her physical abilities sometimes depressed her
  4. Loss of Independence- couldn't get around by herself

After stem cell therapy:

  1. Regained vision-  vision became clearer, can read again
  2. EMG showed improved scores in her upper and lower limbs- her arms and legs
  3. Feels Happier Due to her physical changes
  4. Independent again-  doesn't need help getting around
From the stem cell news story:

Prior to stem cell treatment, Park suffered from Optic Neuritis -- a common symptom of MS. Some of the symptoms of Optic Neuritis include double vision, vision loss, and uncontrollable rapid eye movements. She was not able to recognize any writing due to her vision loss. After six months of receiving stem cell therapy, Park experienced phenomenal changes. Her vision improved drastically -- she was able to read. Furthermore, it also became possible for her to move her legs using her own muscular strength.

"My legs felt like hollow logs. They were so numb and stiff. However, after receiving stem cell treatment, I can actually feel my legs. I can also tell the difference in cold and warm temperatures. Stem cell therapy brought incredible changes to my physical condition," stated Kang Sook Park.

Park also added, "Receiving stem cell turned my life around. I feel like I am reborn. The fact that I am in this condition brings me new joy. I love the fact that I no longer need anyone's help to get from place to place. I would like to share my experience to others who may have this rare disease. I want to let others know that they can find hope through stem cell treatment, just the way I did."

Dr. Chang Won Kim reported Park's EMG findings before and after the stem cell treatment. "Patients who have an uncommon disease such as MS rarely show improvement or are completely cured. EMG results showed that Park's movement increased both in upper and lower limbs. Reduction in latency suggests that demyelination was also improved. It is extremely difficult for MS patients to use their own strength to even make small movements in the arms or legs. These changes in Park were possible through stem cell therapy."

New Kids On The Stem Cell Block - RNL Bio

This is another great stem cell success story from RNL Bio, an adult stem cell company with offices in South Korea, China, Japan and the USA, though I believe the stem cell treatments always take place in Asia.  Last month, we reported that RNL Bio used their stem cell research to help Chloe Soe, a young American who was suffering from hearing loss.  Chloe was treated with her own adult stem cells.

And before that, RNL Bio also helped John Cullison with his arthritis.   RNL Bio a new player in the stem cell treatment business and seem to be doing all the right things-- helping people improve the quality of their lives.

Not Available in the United States

We have covered dozens of MS patients who have improved following stem cell treatment for their multiple sclerosis.  Unfortunately, all of them have had to leave the United States to do so.  The United States offers MS patients expensive drugs that don't work.  The reason these MS patients go to Costa Rica, China, Germany, Israel and other countries for adult stem cell treatment is the United States has nothing to help and nothing to offer them. Why can't we offer these patients a (stem cell) treatment with zero side effects and a good chance of helping them improve their lives?  Only the faceless beaurocrats at the FDA and close minded doctors who refuse to see the growing evidence that adult stem cells are a valid treatment can answer that question.

Click here to see more stem cell success stories for multiple sclerosis

If you are interested in receiving adult stem cells for MS or perhaps another disease or condition, please send me an email at don@repairstemcells.org and we will be happy to assist you. 

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