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Stem Cell Research Benefits Optic Nerve Hypoplasia Patient

Another young girl with optic nerve hypoplasia is reporting improvements in her vision after receiving stem cell treatment.  Lilli Mann, 8, from North Dakota is now seeing things she has never seen before after getting stem cell research in China using cord blood stem cells.

The Only Viable Treatment For ONH

Lilli is the latest child to show improvements in her vision following the therapy and research Optic nerve hypoplasia or ONH is a genetic condition in which the optic nerve fails to develop leaving the patient blind or with very limited vision.  Until adult stem cells, there was no way to help these patients.   Adult Stem Cell treatment is the first viable therapy for this condition as many children have proved.

Before Receiving Adult Stem Cells

  1. Could Only See Large Letters From 15 cm away on Eye Exam
  2. Could Only Listen To TV
  3. Never Saw Snow

After The Stem Cell Treatment

  1. Now Can See Large Letters From 60 cm away on Eye Exam -  Quadruple Improvement!
  2. Can Now Watch TV
  3. Saw snow for the first time as well as countless other things she never had the opportunity to see
From the stem cell news story:

Lilli, born with optic nerve hypoplasia, an incurable disease which occurs while in the womb, traveled to Qingdao, China, with her mother in September to receive stem cell injections said to repair damaged nerve tissue. Although the 25-day visit was difficult and full of treatments and therapies brand new to Lilli, for the Manns the results are thrilling.

Lilli was particularly thrilled to be able to read large print. During an eye test, Christi indicated doctors determined Lilli was seeing large letters from 60 centimeters away, when at home, prior to the treatment, she was seeing them at 15 centimeters away.

Now that she has returned to Wahpeton, Lilli's improved range of vision continues at home and in the classroom. She's pointed out to her parents' cars parked an average of two parking lots away. Christi said she's even been able to identify the car's color.

In school, Lilli is able to participate in games of kickball in gym class, where they use a purple ball she's able to identify.

Stem cells are meant to work as an "internal repair system" that mature between six and nine months of being injected. While the Manns hope for improvement beyond what Lilli has gone through to date, she'll always maintain what advances she's made because of her visit to China.

Christi first began to see a change in Lilli during outings to the mall being built across the street from the hospital in Qingdao.

"We went there everyday to get out and do something," Christi said. "She'd find things on the wall and ask what they were."

Quality of Life Improvements From Adult Stem Cells

Another quality of life improvement thanks to adult stem cells.  Since the therapy was made available, many youngsters like Macie Morse, the young girl from Colorado with ONH who can now drive after the stem cell research and treatment and Lawrence Brown, a young man from Texas who also has improved greatly.

If you are interested in stem cell treatment for ONH or some other disease or condition, please go to Adult Stem Cell Research  and fill out the form and we will be happy to assist you. 
Posted: 12/13/2009 6:52:25 AM by Patrick Dalton | with 0 comments

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