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Repair Stem Cell Treatments in Portugal and China A Boon To Spinal Cord Injury Patient

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Spinal Cord Injury Patient Improves After Repair Stem Cells Implanted

Kit Bond, a spinal cord injury patient, is reporting that multiple stem cell treatments in Portugal and China have improved his quality of life and that is the reason he continues to go to receive Repair Stem Cells (aka Adult Stem Cells). 

Treated by Dr. Carlos Lima in Portugal

Bond, who suffered his spinal cord injury (SCI) in a horrific car accident in 2003, first went for Repair Stem Cell treatment in Portugal in 2005.  Dr. Carlos Lima, an esteemed member of the Repair Stem Cell Institute's scientific advisory board, was the treating doctor and gave Bond adult stem cells removed from Bond's nose (olfactory stem cells). 

First Stem Cell Transplant Pays Dividends

From the stem cell article:

Bond was the 54th person in the world to have the procedure done.
Although he knew it was risky, he said it was worth it.

Immediately after the surgery, Bond’s body regained the ability to regulate temperature. Before that moment, Bond had a problem where he always felt cold — a common problem among quadriplegics.

“It was the best feeling in the world,” Bond said. “I felt a cold breeze and thought, ‘Oh, this is OK.’”

Second Stem Cell Therapy in China Pays Off Again

Later after a year of rehab and school, Bond went for another stem cell therapy in China in May, 2008, this time he received adult stem cells taken from donated umbilical cord blood (not embryonic stem cells).  And how did the treatment work for his spinal cord injury this time?  Let's ask his physical therapist:

Trey Ratzlaff, a physical therapist assistant at Stillwater Medical Center’s Total Health, has worked with Bond since before he started the stem cell treatments.

Ratzlaff said after Bond’s first trip to China, he was convinced the treatments were working after Bond came in for therapy for the first time after returning.

“Before, I always had to help him get on the treatment table,” Ratzlaff said. “He said, ‘Hey, watch what I can do,’ and then he got himself up on the table and rolled around and got himself sitting up on his own. I almost had tears in my eyes.”

Third Time a Charm!

The first two stem cell therapies worked, so why not go for 3?  That's exactly what Bond did.  He went for a third stem cell treatment in China in May 2009. 

Bond’s next trip to China was May 2009 where he received six injections.
Bond said he has gained a lot more independence and strength in his core and his arms thanks to the stem cell injections.

However, the treatments definitely come with a monetary cost health insurance doesn’t cover.

Danny Harvey, Bond’s stepfather, said the treatments, plane tickets for Bond and his family, lodging and food along with other miscellaneous costs total between $45,000 and $50,000 per trip.

But Harvey said he doesn’t mind the cost because of the benefits for his son.

After each treatment, Bond is always in an even better mood and his independence increases, Harvey said.

“We wouldn’t keep doing it if there weren’t some kinds of signs,” he said.
Harvey is not skeptical the stem cell treatments are working.

“Since we’ve started, he has went from 20 prescriptions to five,” Harvey said. “That’s a sign of independence to us.”

Harvey said Bond’s siblings have noticed improvements in their brother, as well.

Why Go Overseas for Treatment?

Well, I'm sure Bond and his family would rather not shell out $45,000 for the therapy and expenses every time they leave the country for Repair Stem Cells, but Bond does not have an option as Adult Stem Cells aren't available in the United States. Why isn't it available? The FDA has handcuffed progress on treatment advances using adult stem cells by treating your own cells the same as a new drug. I am not saying that they are a miracle cure, but stem cell therapy is a very safe procedure with no side effects so why the FDA doesn't make it available is beyond me.
If you interested in stem cell treatment and research for spinal cord injury (SCI) or any other condition, please email me at don@repairstemcells.org and put TREATMENT in the subject line and I will be happy to try to assist you. 



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