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Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.
Adult Stem Cell Treatment can help patients who are suffering from alcoholic liver cirrhosis. This (cirrhosis) is just another addition to the list of diseases that stem cell therapy can help. Again, these patients were treated with their own adult stem cells -no risk there ie. they had nothing to lose and everything to gain. And gain they did:

Administering autologous expanded mobilized adult progenitor CD34+ cells into the hepatic artery of patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis (ALC) leads to considerable benefit, researchers report in the September issue of the American Journal of Gastroenterology.

"We are encouraged that the majority of patients in this study experienced a significant improvement in their liver functions," senior investigator Dr. Nagy A. Habib told Reuters Health.

Dr. Habib of Imperial College, London, and colleagues studied nine ALC patients who had been abstinent for at least 6 months. The patients underwent granulocyte colony-stimulating factor mobilization and leukapheresis. Autologous CD34+ cells were then expanded in vitro by an average of 5 times and injected into the hepatic artery.

All patients tolerated the procedure well and over 12 weeks of follow-up there were significant decreases in serum bilirubin. A significant reduction in levels of alanine transaminase and aspartate transaminase was seen 1 week after the transfusion and showed improvement through the study period.

Seven of the patients showed an improvement in Child-Pugh scores, and on imaging at 12 weeks, three patients showed a complete resolution of ascites and two had a significant reduction.

"This is an area of medicine where there is tremendous progress day by day," concluded Dr. Habib. "We hope that stem cell treatment will help many patients with liver disease."

See the full results to the study here

Special thanks to Wesley Smith for this one
Posted: 9/30/2008 2:55:51 AM by Don Margolis | with 0 comments

Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.
I received an interesting email from Kirshner Ross-Vaden of Beike Biotech in China.  Beike specializes in stem cell treatments for neurological and autoimmune diseases.  Beike can treat optic nerve disorders, stroke, cerebral palsy...and about 100 other diseases/conditions.  If you want to find out more about them, go to my search engine here in the upper right corner and type in "China" and you will find many adult stem cell success stories thanks to Beike in China.  Or click on the top right corner here where the Stem Cell Treatment Centers are and find "Stem Cells China" for more information on this innovative company.  Or, simply email me, Don Margolis at donmargolis@gmail.com .

Beike is running a Christmas promo....well, I'll just let Kirshner tell you:


Join us in China to celebrate the holidays and we will

wrap up 15 million little gifts to go under your tree for free!


To celebrate the holiday's Beike bio-tech is running a special offer for the month of December, 2008.  Book your treatment to arrive in China and receive treatment in the month of December and you will receive a free Stem Cell Transplant with approximately ten to fifteen million stem cells.


This is a one time offer valued at over $3500.00 USd's.

Certain restrictions do apply, see below.


To take advantage of this limited offer contact your Beike Medical Consultant

Kirshner Ross-Vaden; kirshner@beikebiotech.com

Dr. Monique West; westwellness@hotmail.com

Dr. Christine Taylor;   dr.taylor@beikebiotech.com




don't hesitate as space is very limited and available spots will be assigned on a first come basis.

Once all openings are filled the offer will be closed.

Specific arrival and departure dates do apply and will be assigned to you by your consultant.

This offer applies to those clients being provided treatment during the month of December and staying with us over the Christmas Holiday. 

If for any reason you change your assigned dates the offer is no longer valid.

This offer is not valid if you have already confirmed your treatment dates and you cancel and or change them.

This offer does not apply to Bone Marrow Transplants or MSC vials.

This is only available to those participating in a regular treatment program that includes our current standard pricing.

This offer can not be combined with any other discounts and/or special offers.

This offer only applies to clients paying under our current pricing structure.

 Current pricing information can be obtained from your medial consultant.

All funds are due on or before November 1st, 2008 in order to qualify for this offer.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Space is limited so do not wait, apply to register today.

It is as easy as hitting reply, asking for a registration form to be sent to you and then clicking on “send!


We look forward to spending the holiday's with you!



Check out our web sites at:




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Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.
That is what it looks like. All of you may remember Hwang Woo-suk, the South Korean scientist who claimed to be the first to be able to clone embryos. Hwang became an overnight sensation. He was the pride and joy of South Korea. The government even created a stamp with his picture on it. The mainstream media and the embryonic stem cell profiteers in the United States trumpeted it as proof that the U.S. was falling behind in embryonic stem cell research and called for more tax payer funded research. It later turned out to be a big fraud .

Well, he is back in the news again although he isn't getting nearly enough attention this time. It looks like Australia is going to grant him a patent on the (unsuccessful) process of cloning embryonic stem cells. Here is more from a Korean newspaper:

Australia is the only country so far to approve a patent for the cloning scientist Hwang Woo-suk based on a stem cell line at the center of the scandal that saw him fall from grace.

The Korea Intellectual Property Office said Wednesday that Hwang submitted patent application in Korea and several other countries since 2006, and Korea, Russia, Canada, China, New Zealand and the European Union rejected the application. SooAm Biotech Research, which is headed by Hwang, announced Tuesday that Australia granted the patent for technology for cloning human embryonic stem cells.

According to KIPO, the six countries rejected Hwang's application because he violated Korean bioethics regulations in the process of making the embryonic stem cells and because the results could not be duplicated.

“The patent offices in these countries accepted the judgment by the investigation committee at Seoul National University and Science magazine that no real cloned human stem cells existed, an KIPO official said. “We rejected the application on the same grounds.

I have to give Hwang credit. He does have a lot of nerve- applying for (and receiving) a patent for cloned human stem cells that don't exist and for which he was publicly disgraced.

With the patent, Hwang may be able to demand royalties from other stem cell researchers who try to clone embryos.  In other words, Hwang, can profit from his fraud.  This is truly amazing to me.

However, where are the quotes from embryonic stem cell researchers condemning Hwang? Where is the media coverage? Where is the outrage?  I want to hear from the International Society for Stem Cell Research and other organizations. Hwang is the poster boy for the embryonic stem cell fraud that is being perpetrated on the American public and for him to get away with something like this is ridiculous.
Posted: 9/26/2008 2:46:40 AM by Don Margolis | with 0 comments

Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.
Over 300,000 Americans suffer from scleroderma- usually it is confined to a autoimmune related skin disorder.  However, about 1/3 of scleroderma sufferers have systemic scleroderma, the most severe form which destroys interior organs- kidneys, lungs, etc.  and can eventually kill the patient.

For patients with systemic scleroderma, there is no cure.  However, unsurprisingly, it is adult stem cells leading the way in what possibly can be a cure for this disease.

2 years ago, Bari Martz was suffering from systemic scleroderma.  The systemic scleroderma was causing her to lose about 10% lung function per month.  She was given approximately 1 year to live.

Enter Adult Stem Cells ( or Repair Stem Cells as I like to call them)-

"There wasn't a choice," Martz, now 49, of Parkland, Fla. "If I died from it, well, at least I went out fighting."

From the beginning-

First Bari Martz's fingers turned blue. Then she started gasping for breath, and her joints stiffened so that she couldn't even open her hands. Doctors diagnosed scleroderma, part of an insidious family of diseases where the immune system attacks a patient's own body, sometimes enough to kill.

Worsening rapidly, the Florida woman took a gamble: Doctors stored stem cells from her blood and then wiped out her faulty immune system. Her reinfused stem cells seem to have let a healthy new immune system take root, stopping more damage and, nearly two years later, letting her lungs and joints heal enough for better function.

 For now, "I'm great," she says. Her lung function jumped and is still improving, she can flex her hands again, and can even climb stairs, if slowly. "I'm continuing to get better."

Bari Martz knows the power of Adult Stem Cell Therapy.  I hope stories like Bari's help spread the word- Repair (adult)  Stem Cells are helping people now.

Click here to read the whole story 
Posted: 9/24/2008 2:04:58 AM by Don Margolis | with 0 comments

Are you or a loved one interested in receiving stem cell treatment? For free information, please fill out our treatment form or email me don@repairstemcells.org and just put TREATMENT in the subject box and the MEDICAL CONDITION in the message.
The use of Repair Stem Cells never ceases to amaze me. Out of all the possible conditions/diseases that can be helped with adult stem cells, I have to admit I didn't see this one coming- Repair (adult) Stem Cells can help pregnant women with high blood pressure!

The high blood pressure caused by pregnancy can be a cause of prenatal and maternal mortality. Hypertension is the most common medical problem encountered during pregnancy, complicating 2-3% of pregnancies. Therefore, this use of Repair Stem Cells should be saving countless lives in the year to come. Here's more:

Hypertension develops after completion of 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The disease usually starts with swelling over legs, hands and puffiness of face, gradually. As a result, the pregnant woman starts showing spikes in the reading of her blood pressure, all this creates problems. Hence the disease is termed as 'Syndrome of theories', he said.

Dr Satish Patki of Patki research centre said he had developed a unique autologus bone marrow derived stem cell therapy to cure this grave disease with the help of senior scientist Dr Ramesh Bhonde, who is working at National Centre for Cell Science, a Government of India organisation.

He claimed that they had treated 15 pregnant women suffering from severe hypertension and associated complications by this novel technique. It had cured the disorder almost completely. Four patients had delivered healthy babies, he pointed out.

the stem cells from the patients' own bone marrow were isolated and injected in her uterus near placental site under sonography guidance in order to enrich the uterus with the stock of stem cells.

The patients started showing dramatic improvement in the blood pressure readings, swelling on legs and even fatal parameters like fluid volume, blood flows on Doppler studies and weight starts improving rapidly. This could probably due to increased vascularisation and improved blood flow to the placental unit," he said.

The treatment on these women has shown that this therapy can be useful in bringing down the maternal and perinatal mortality across the world caused due to pregnancy hypertension syndrome called pre-eclampsia or its more severe form called eclampsia when associated with maternal convulsions, Patki said.

Ho Hum- just another way adult stem cell therapy can help humans now!  Not mice, not hype, not just hope-  adult stem cells are helping.  Read the whole thing
Posted: 9/23/2008 7:11:49 AM by Don Margolis | with 0 comments

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