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Stem Cell Research Gives California Woman With Multiple Sclerosis a New Life

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Adult Stem Cell Research Helping Multiple Sclerosis Now

Holly Huber, a 36 year old woman from San Diego, is reporting "astonishing improvement" after receiving Adult stem cell treatment and therapy in Costa Rica for her Multiple Sclerosis last fall. The stem cell research and Adult Stem Cells in Costa Rica has given Holly in her own words "a new life."

The symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis had become unbearable for Holly who was forced to stop working. Not willing to wait for FDA approval of the procedure (10 years?) and after speaking with other MS patients who had received Adult Stem Cells before, Holly made the decision to go to Costa Rica for her stem cell therapy.

Before the Adult Stem Cells

  • Trouble balancing

  • Legs getting weaker

  • Bladder Control Issues

  • Lost sensation in her hands and feet

After The Stem Cell Therapy and Treatment

  • Balance improved

  • Strength returned

  • Had Complete Control Over Her Bladder

  • Feelings in her hands and feet returned

Happiest Father in the World

Holly's father, Larry Huber says he is the "happiest father in the world" and was so impressed with the Adult Stem Cell treatment that he was considering Adult Stem Cells to treat his Diabetes.

Stem Cell Research Facilities and Treatment

Holly says the stem cell treatment was not cheap and runs between $15,000 to $32,000. However, she says it is well worth it, especially considering she was paying $1450 per month (with insurance!!) for MS medication that wasn't effective.

As for the facilities, Holly says they were "immaculate" and would rival any hospital in the United States.

In summary Holly says:
ā€œIt gave me a new life, a new future, Iā€™m starting my life over at 36.ā€

Following in the Footsteps of Stem Cell Pioneers

Holly followed in the footsteps of others who have traveled to Costa Rica rather than wait for FDA approval that may never come, people like Jennifer Blankenship and Dennis Trammell and Angie Adcox, Joey Quinn, and Juli Balli who all followed in the footsteps of Richard Humphries and Preston Walker.

Congratulations on your new life Holly!

Update: Holly has her own new website called I Love My New Stem Cells

Here is the original stem cell article
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