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Aussie Girl With Cerebral Palsy Helped by Adult Stem Cells- To Go For 2nd Stem Cell Treatment

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Cerebral Palsy Stem Cell Treatment for the 2nd time!

Sierra Rose Hill, a young girl from Australia with cerebral palsy who was already helped by Adult Stem Cells is off again to Germany for a 2nd stem cell treatment.  Sierra went to Germany in December, 2008 for the therapy with her own stem cells and it paid big dividends.  We first covered Sierra here in this stem cell post in March

Adult Stem Cells Successful First Time- Now Going for Two!

As a result of the first stem cell treatment, Sierra got "looser" in her limbs, more flexibility and a better ability to control her tongue. Sierra responded so well to her own Adult Stem Cells that her parents have now raised enough money to return to Germany for more stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Research Documentary

Sierra and her parents are leaving for Germany on June 25th for the treatment. However, this time, they will have company. Pia Niebel is producing a documentary called 'Little Mountains' about Sierra and in Pia's words:

'Little Mountains' is an intimate portrayal of an Australian family’s struggle with cerebral palsy and the risks and choices associated with emerging stem cell technologies. It is a character driven documentary that enquires about the current status of adult stem cell treatment and why it is not available in Australia.

Adult Stem Cells Available to Help In Australia? No

I often moan on how adult stem cells are not available in the United States.  However, of course, there are people everywhere who have diseases and conditions that adult stem cells could help.  There is no reason why Australia shouldn't be making a person's own stem cells available for treatment as well.

And as Sierra's father said once  “If that (stem cell treatment) was available in Australia, at an affordable price, if it was at a hospital from a professional service, that could make such a huge difference to people with cerebral palsy and various other conditions,” he said. “I know they want to do their clinical trials. But they are providing this service already around the world. I would like to see it here.”

Pia is looking for funding to help her produce this Adult Stem Cell research documentary which would be a nice step in the right direction in getting Adult Stem Cell treatment approved in Australia.  If you would like to help Pia get the word out, you can contact her here:
Pia Niebel


Creative Producer

mobile +61 (0)4 388 77 183

Email: happy@pia.net.au

Here is a preview of Pia's stem cell research documentary featuring the lovely Sierra and her parents:

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